Painted WWII Gun Crews & Looks Ahead From Rubicon Models

November 28, 2016 by brennon

Rubicon Models has been showing off a lot of the different models on the way for your World War II games. First up we have this painted German Crew for use with your artillery pieces.

Anti-Tank Gun Crew #1

As you can see they are looking awesome when painted up and you really get to see the effort put into the natural look of their uniforms.

Anti-Tank Gun Crew #2

It’s always neat seeing a crew that are actually doing something and I would include them whenever I was running an artillery piece on the battlefield. I can’t stand it when you have an unmanned gun doing it’s own thing on the tabletop!

British In The Desert

As well as the Germans they also previewed what the British are looking like as they take to the battlefield in the desert.

British North African Soldiers

This soldier will be part of the upcoming crew kits for those manning big guns in North Africa and I do like the style once again. One thing they appear to be good at capturing too is the expressions on their faces making them seem realistic.

What do you think of these crews?

"I can't stand it when you have an unmanned gun doing it's own thing on the tabletop!"