Rubicon Preview What Tanks Are On The Way For September

August 28, 2015 by brennon

Rubicon have put together a collection of previews showing off what’s coming out next month to add to their World War II range. There are some great tanks and other vehicles on the way so see what you think…


Adding to their range of tanks Rubicon have the M8 Scott, M5A1 Stuart, and A15 Crusader lined up to take to the battlefield.

M8 Scott

M5A1 Stuart

It’s hard not to like the look of the Stuart and the Crusader with the low profile. Two American tanks and a British one should keep you history buffs busy for a few weeks. You even get all of the transfer sheets appropriate for your tank of choice.

A15 Crusader

Are there any tanks that you’d like to see Rubicon make that they don’t already? Head on over to their webstore and have a look at their collection then let us know in the comments.

Stowage & More

As well as the awesome tanks they have been working on some additional vehicles and a set of Stowage which is useful for adorning any vehicle of war.

SdKfz 305

The additional vehicles for September include the SdKfz 305 Truck for transporting around cargo and the M3 Half-Track which would be grand for lugging around troops. In fact, both of these vehicles could fill a variety of roles.


M3 Half Track

The Stowage, as well as being great for adorning tanks, would be useful when you’re looking at making scatter terrain for your tabletop. It could give life to a warehouse district or urban sprawl where armies have had to leave kit behind during battle.

What do you think of their kits?

"It's hard not to like the look of the Stuart and the Crusader with the low profile..."