Rum & Bones’ Miss Mags Model Revealed [Updated!]

September 16, 2014 by brennon

Rum & Bones have another preview for their upcoming release and this time the character in question is Margaret Hale the Quartermaster of the ship!

Margaret Hale

Miss Mags

Update: And here is the miniature for Miss Mags that has just popped up on the Rum & Bones Facebook page! Is it just me or does she not actually have a chest and it’s just been painted to look 3D?

According to the fluff Miss Mags is one hell of a pirate first mate and she sounds like she fought her way into the pirates life and caught the captains eye. Admittedly her costume might not exactly lend itself to the high seas and could be more than a little distracting but I’m sure she’s going to make an awesome looking miniature. With all the fur, feathers and flowing hair it’s going to look great.

What do you think of Miss Mags?

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