Stumper Pete Hobbles Into The World Of Rum & Bones

October 16, 2014 by brennon

The Wellsport Brethren has another new member that joined up from the navy and now Stumper Pete is stomping around battling on the high seas for Rum & Bones

Stumper Pete (Art)

Stumper Pete (Miniature)

Once again a great piece of artwork that has bought out another awesome looking miniature. I didn’t quite work out what the thing was under his arm (genuinely thought it was a big muscle or something) until now but I can imagine him sounding the drum as his shipmates pull their galleon alongside some unfortunate foe.

It’s neat to see the cartoonish style carried over into their more human looking miniatures too and I think it helps identify with that Monkey Island feeling to the game. I like the little addition of fluff too that he’s saving to buy his wife a mansion but whether or not he has one has become a matter of discussion amongst the others. A nice bit of character.

What do you think of Stumper Pete?

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