New Miniature Company RuneCast Opens It’s Doors

November 25, 2013 by brennon

A new company looking to bring heroic scale 28mm miniatures to the tabletop has appeared and they have begun with clearly the best miniatures, Dwarfs. See what you think of some of RuneCast’s line-up!

Bidenhänder Champion

Bidenhänder Musician

Bidenhänder Standard

As you can see they have started things off in style with some old school but rather ace looking Dwarfs that will form the command group of the Lansquenet Dwarfs. They might not fit into a typical Dwarf army for something like Warhammer Fantasy but maybe you could make them as an alternative regiment for your Empire force!

Satyr Ancient

As well as the Dwarfs he has delved into the strange and the odd especially with this creepy looking Satyr Ancient. This one immediately grabbed my attention as it reminded me a little of the creatures from a Del Toro movie. A perfect dark fantasy miniature.


On top of all that they are also exploring the realms of Sci-Fi with some neat looking Cultists. It’s always fun to see the underbelly of a cult and unleash some crazy people onto the battlefield. I could see the chap above being a great way of representing a champion of some kind.

RuneCast are also doing a selection of bitz which you can check out by following the link above. The miniatures as a whole are turning out quite well and I think it might be one to watch.

What do you think?