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Gripping Beast Paint Up the Upcoming Moorish Cavalry

21 hours ago 7

Gripping Beast recently showed off some of the paint work of Darren Linington on some of their minis, one set of which was two Moorish Mounted Warriors which will soon be released.

Footsore Sculpt Up More For SAGA With The Chosen Of God

5 days ago 5

Will you be joining the fanatical Mutatawwi’a in your games of SAGA or indeed other Crusade era games? Footsore have been working on a unit of them!

Gripping Beast Say Merry Axmas This Holiday Season!

34 days ago 1

A Merry Christmas from the Gripping Beast folks means a rather awesome Santa Claus conversion AND a competition to win some Skraelings!

North Star Wave the Crusading Banners of Saga

37 days ago 4

New sets of shield and banner designs for the forces fighting for the Holy Lands in SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross are now available from North Star Military Figures.

Heorot Great Hall Now Available From 4Ground For SAGA!

54 days ago 8

Finally it’s here! The massive Great Hall of Heorot is now available to the general public through both Gripping Beast and 4Ground. If you’re looking for the perfect Dark Age centrepiece then this could well be it.

SAGA Great Hall Available Again At Warfare Show!

77 days ago 17

Do you think you’d take on the challenge of a local warlord and pick up the SAGA Meadhall? It’s going to be available at Warfare in Reading this weekend and will be on general release soon.

More Crusading Warlords Gather For Crescent & The Cross

82 days ago 0

Ride into battle with two new full factions for SAGA: Crescent & The Cross! Will you be siding with the Muslims or the Crusaders in this battle for the Holy Land?

SAGA’s Compendium Is Ready Plus Dark Age Calender!

123 days ago 14

Stronghold Terrain, Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast have teamed up to bring you German speakers an awesome compendium of everything SAGA based alongside an epic Calender!

More Minis Join the Crusade of SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross

140 days ago 8

Gripping Beast are preparing for their round two releases for SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross, bringing us the crusading forces of the Milites Christi and the Mutatawaa’i.

Gathering Your Dark Age & Crusading Warbands For SAGA

159 days ago 24

I’ve recently been pulled back into the world of SAGA from Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk and thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on getting into the game and some alternatives that might make it easier to begin fighting in the Dark Ages or indeed the Crusades!

SAGA Crescent & Cross Releases August 8th! God Wills It!

174 days ago 6

Head to the Holy Land as SAGA Crescent & Cross releases via Gripping Beast on August 8th (Friday!).

SAGA Crescent & Cross Release Is On The Horizon!

183 days ago 24

SAGA Crescent & Cross is on the horizon as Studio Tomahawk has revealed that the book is now ready to go! Hopefully you’ll be able to pick this up from Gripping Beast very, very soon!

SAGA The Tapestry Reviews New Crescent & Cross Rules!

210 days ago 2

Dive into a world of Crusaders and Muslim Warriors with Crescent & The Cross coming very soon(ish). SAGA The Tapestry have got their hands on a copy and have this review for you!

Add A Frankish Hero To Your Games Of SAGA

225 days ago 4

Delve into a world of legendary Frankish fighters with another hero coming to the tabletop for the awesome game of SAGA.

SAGA Grand Melee 2014 Kicks Off 7th & 8th Of June!

246 days ago 14

Delve back into the world of SAGA with a Grand Melee going down this June alongside Firestorm Games and Gripping Beast. What warband will you bring to the table?