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Gripping Beast To Add The Poor Fellows Of Christ To Saga

15 hours ago 4

Gripping Beast is bringing us a new warband for SAGA The Crescent & The Cross. Here comes the Knights!

SAGA Plastic Warbands Available At Reading Warfare Show

22 days ago 10

Gripping Beast are making the new Plastic 4pt Warbands for SAGA available on November 16th but they will be on sale at the Reading Warfare show over the 14th and 15th if you’d like to get a head start on the building of a new warband to raid the Dark Ages with…

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Strike On Kickstarter!

25 days ago 103

Phew it’s been quite a weekend.
With that in mind sit back and
relax with us as we chill for
The Weekender XLBS…

A Viking Shipbuilder & Charging Crusader Are New From Stronghold

27 days ago 10

Stronghold Terrain have added to their collection of miniatures for use in SAGA with not only a well known Shipbuilder for your Viking raiding party but also a charging Crusader Warlord who would work equally well as a Norman Knight too…

Journey With Harald Hardrada & His Varangian Guard In SAGA

29 days ago 2

Gripping Beast have now released their warband featuring a young Harald Hardrada and his Varangian Guard. They come with an assortment of weapon options including regular Sword & Shield and Dane Axes too…


Weekender XLBS: Pulp City Superheroes & Getting Into Naval Wargaming

39 days ago 125

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Curteys Miniatures Gather The Troops For Lion Rampant

42 days ago 2

Curteys Miniatures have put together a series of sets for not only Lion Rampant but also SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross. Drawn from throughout their miniatures line the Lion Rampant set in particular is looking like a force to be reckoned with…

Plastic Starter Forces On The Way For Dark Age SAGA

46 days ago 11

Gripping Beast revealed to Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy that they are going to be making a range of plastic starter sets for their Dark Age skirmish battle game SAGA. You can see the two boxed sets below…

Add Class To Your SAGA Games With Kraken Skulls Consortium

58 days ago 3

Are you a Saga player? Are you looking for that little something extra that makes you stand out? Take a look at these sets from Kraken Skulls Consortium.

Join Harald’s Varangian Guard In SAGA

60 days ago 7

Gripping Beast have shown off a soon to be released unit that is quite fitting considering Friday was the fall of Harald Hardrada. See what you think of his Varangian Guard from his younger days…

Scout Out Somewhere To Raid With New SAGA Scenic Collections

83 days ago 6

Gripping Beast have put together some collections of models that would be very useful when you’re considering what to raid in your games of SAGA. There are three sets, Livestock, Ecclesiastical Civilians and Peasants & Townsfolk each providing you with interesting options for your raids.

4Ground Add To Their 10mm Jesserai World & 28mm Middle East

90 days ago 8

Some new terrain has popped up from 4Ground which helps build your tabletop landscapes in both 10mm Dropzone Commander and 28mm SAGA. See what you think of the new sets within…

Gripping Beast Fly The Banners High In SAGA

98 days ago 7

Gripping Beast have added some new models to their SAGA range focusing on the Dark Age. These miniatures are flying the banners high for their respective factions and come with the poles and colours by LBMS.

Stronghold Terrain Go Berserk With New Viking Warrior

132 days ago 5

Stronghold Terrain have added another character to their SAGA Collectibles line of miniatures. This time around they have gone berserk and Ragnar’s Brother hits the tabletop ready to smash into the enemy shieldwall…

Gripping Beast’s Releases Some Creepy Character Miniatures

134 days ago 7

Gripping Beast has released some reinforcement packs for Saga Revenants to add to the base set.