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Ruins of Daldorr - Available from 4Ground - Click Here

4Ground Add To Their 10mm Jesserai World & 28mm Middle East

3 days ago 8

Some new terrain has popped up from 4Ground which helps build your tabletop landscapes in both 10mm Dropzone Commander and 28mm SAGA. See what you think of the new sets within…

Gripping Beast Fly The Banners High In SAGA

11 days ago 7

Gripping Beast have added some new models to their SAGA range focusing on the Dark Age. These miniatures are flying the banners high for their respective factions and come with the poles and colours by LBMS.

Stronghold Terrain Go Berserk With New Viking Warrior

45 days ago 5

Stronghold Terrain have added another character to their SAGA Collectibles line of miniatures. This time around they have gone berserk and Ragnar’s Brother hits the tabletop ready to smash into the enemy shieldwall…

Gripping Beast’s Releases Some Creepy Character Miniatures

47 days ago 7

Gripping Beast has released some reinforcement packs for Saga Revenants to add to the base set.

New Churches, Ruins & Desert Buildings From 4Ground!

59 days ago 15

4Ground are spoiling us this week with not only a look at their amazing new Church for the World At War 28mm Range but also a great new building for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross AND some additional Fantasy terrain for the Ruins of Daldoor…

Ulf The Quarrelsome Charges Into Battle From Footsore

71 days ago 4

Ulf The Quarrelsome, supposed brother of Brian Boru of Irish nobility, is coming along nicely from Footsore Miniatures. You can see him here with wild hair and beard charging towards the enemy…

The Dice Bag Lady Shows Off More Painted Shieldmaidens

74 days ago 4

The Dice Bag Lady/Bad Squiddo Games have shown off some rather neat painted versions of the new Shieldmaidens joining their range of Believable Female Miniatures. Freydis and Hervor are the newest additions to the line-up with another coming soon too…

Brian Boru First King Of The Irish Comes To Gripping Beast’s SAGA

79 days ago 5

Gripping Beast have put together an awesome vignette style model for Brian Boru – First High King of the Irish to their line-up of Warlords for SAGA. See what you think of him on a wonderful scenic base by Darren Linington (note: the scenic base is not supplied)…

Gripping Beast Show Off The SAGA Grand Melee Model For 2015

80 days ago 1

Gripping Beast have shown off the new Grand Melee model that will be exclusive to people who attend the SAGA tournaments around the world. See what you think of it below with it’s fancy base…

Moorish Cavalry Set To Ride Out For SAGA The Crescent & The Cross

88 days ago 9

Gripping Beast have split up some of the Moorish Cavalry. Check them out below for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross…

Bad Squiddo Games’ Shieldmaiden Lathgertha Now Available

97 days ago 4

Bad Squiddo Games, otherwise known as The Dice Bag Lady, have released their Shieldmaiden Lathgertha miniature onto their webstore so you can now use her as a Warlord in your games of SAGA! See what you think of her and make sure to snap her up before they’re all gone…

Weekender XLBS 4Ground Upgrades, Gallipoli & New 40k Rumours

Weekender XLBS: 4Ground Upgrades, Gallipoli & New 40k Rumours

113 days ago 68

Stronghold Terrain Add To Their Range Of Viking Characters

114 days ago 5

Another warrior of legend joins the cast of SAGA Characters from Stronghold Terrain with a fearless Shieldmaiden.

The Black Guard Defend Their Warlord For SAGA: Crescent & The Cross

136 days ago 5

The Black Guard have raised their spears and shields in defence of their Warlord for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross.

Vagn The Fearless Takes On The Undead From Gripping Beast & SAGA

138 days ago 7

See what you think of the full Revenant Warband from Gripping Beast for SAGA alongside Vagn the Fearless who is a peerless warrior for the Joms-Viking.