Gripping Beast Explore Their New Dark Age Boxed Set

March 19, 2013 by brennon

You might remember that on Friday we looked at a new boxed set coming out from Gripping Beast for all your Dark Age Warrior needs. Now they have gone into a bit more detail about just what is in the box…

Dark Age Warriors Box

So we knew that the boxed set contained forty miniatures and now we have details on what you can arm them with. Each of the figures can be armed with a spear, but for added flexibility you can also arm them with swords, axes, slings and javelins. There is even a horn blower in there too!

Dark Age Warrior #1

Dark Age Warrior #2

Dark Age Warrior #3

Dark Age Warrior #4

Above are some of the different combinations you can achieve and if anything it shows off just how good looking this kit is, especially for a mass plastic one. I love the facial details and it appears to have come out even more through the paint job.

The idea of this boxed set is to cover all warriors from the fall of the Roman Empire up to the Battle of Hastings, so have plenty of fun!

What do you think?