North Star Wave the Crusading Banners of Saga

December 22, 2014 by dracs

New sets of shield and banner designs for the forces fighting for the Holy Lands in SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross are now available from North Star Military Figures.

Hospitaller Banner and Shield Transfers

Mutatawwi'a Banners & Shield Transfers

Templar Banner and Shield Transfers

These transfer sheets are the perfect way to create effective and unifying iconography throughout your army, rather than having to rely upon shaky freehand painting skills.

The banners are a very important part of these military forces, giving them a sense of identity and serving as rallying points in the midst of battle. It would be cool to see how these transfers look across a large scale force.

Have you ever used transfers for your banners or shields? Do you play SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross?