Stronghold Translate SAGA Crescent & The Cross Into German!

February 26, 2015 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain have continued their relationship with both Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk and have now produced SAGA Crescent & The Cross in German! Not only that but if you order the book you get a neat miniature with it for free…

SAGA Crescent & The Cross (German)

Kneeling Crusader

As mentioned above the new Crescent & The Cross Crusades version of the rules for SAGA is now being printed in German for all you folks who couldn’t get it before. With the rulebook you can also get the Kneeling Crusader if you’re one of the lucky first 200.

The book will be hardcover with all the current up to date errata as well as the addition of some new illustrations and such in parts to make it feel a bit more special. This version of the rules is currently up for pre-order and they hope to have it out by Easter.

Anglo-Dane Warlord (Front)

Anglo-Dane Warlord (Rear)

Have no fear if you don’t read German as they have you catered to as well. A recent addition to their miniatures collection, which is growing slowly, is this Anglo-Dane Warlord complete with brutal dane-axe and a battle-worn shield strapped to his back. A pretty neat alternative model for use with your warbands.

Mutatawwi'a Warlord (Front)

Mutatawwi'a Warlord (Rear)

The miniatures don’t stop their either as they’ve also added the Mutatawwi’a Warlord to their ranks too. If you’re looking for a deadly and daring tactical genius on the battlefield then hopefully this man is who you’re looking for.

I know it’s not meant to be funny but it looks like someone has dropped that shield on his foot and he’s very angry with them about it.

Have you been playing SAGA?

"...I know it's not meant to be funny but it looks like someone has dropped that shield on his foot and he's very angry with them about it."