Sally 4th Answers Clearly Sees The Problem With Bases

June 26, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Sally 4th has released some new bases in the 32mm round option, they claim they have had an increased demand for them since another company advised that they were changing to round bases from square ones.

They come in three choices: clear, magnetic and precision laser cut. I do like the clear ones as they do not detract from the scenery in the game as sometimes a miniature based with grass does not look right in a stone dungeon.

Of course everyone loves magnets and  they can make transporting your miniatures a breeze as you are not worrying about them being knocked around. If you are all about creating your own bases then you can get the laser cuts and flock them and other ground effects as you see fit.

It is always good to have options. Bases might not seem like a big deal until you need them and you don’t have any at 10pm on a Friday as you prepare for a tournament on the weekend. I try and always have a supply on hand.

Are you caught up in the round base craze?

"Bases might not seem like a big deal until you need them and you don't have any at 10 pm on a Friday..."

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