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Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin' Stuff With WETA's GKR: Heavy Hitters!

Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin’ Stuff With WETA’s GKR: Heavy Hitters!

33 days ago 124

We’re back!

Salute’s Painting Competition Chalice & Epic Best In Show Prize!

34 days ago 6

The Salute crew revealed some more details about their Painting Competition this year including the rather epic Chalice for Best In Show. If you ever wanted to drink like a warlord then this is something you need to aim for.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules - Privateer Press Interviewed!

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!

341 days ago 65

We’re a bit knackered after Salute
but we’re still here to share some
tabletop gaming goodness
with you all!

Salute 2016 - Outtakes

Salute 2016 – Outtakes

343 days ago 30

With the Salute 2016 Weekend over and our wallets decidedly emptier we’re going to be showing off some of the cherished memories from this year.

Salute 2016 Live Blog Post 1 Spread COULD WIN

Salute 2016 Live Blog

348 days ago 139

It’s time to get stuck into the madness that is the Salute Live Blog. Come and join us for one of the biggest events in tabletop gaming!

Salute 2016 Painting Competition

Salute 2016 Live Blog – Painting Competition

348 days ago 21

Join us as we take a look at the entries for this years Painting Competition and find out who the lucky winners are…

Paranoid Reveals Concepts For The Order Of The Enlightened Path

351 days ago 2

Not only is Salute this Saturday, but Paranoid Miniatures is launching their Lovecraftian Kickstarter, Mythos! Come see the Paranoid guys and their amazing artist, Shane Cook, as they run demos and share the madness of their new game.

Keysha Rocks Into Salute For Purgatory

351 days ago 3

Salute is in a few days, which means the world of Purgatory is getting closer for us to explore! Stop by the Purgatory Miniatures booth to say hello and find out more about this exciting end of times war between Heaven and Earth.

Anvil Industry Shows Off More For Their New Regiments Range

353 days ago 3

If you’re looking to do some kitbashing for some modern options in 28mm, Anvil Industry has you covered with their Regiments range launching this week at Salute. Now you can change up your heads, torsos and limbs with various degrees of armour and such.

Anvil Industry Launches New Regiments Range

356 days ago 13

Anvil Industry is launching a new, customizable miniature range called, Regiments at Salute next week. Regiments will feature 28mm modular, resin kits that will allow gamers the flexibility to tailor their troops to their liking.

New Miniatures To Arrive From Black Scorpion At Salute

357 days ago 3

Black Scorpion Miniatures has a bunch of new minis available for Salute next week, including a limited edition, “Kitty.” Whether you’re looking for steampunk or fantasy, it’s likely you’ll find something new for your collection.

The Salute Team Show Off Finished Steampunk Event Miniature

359 days ago 7

The South London Warlords always work on some neat exclusive miniatures for Salute and this year is no exception. This time around they have produced this rather excellent looking Steampunk Lady with a deadly rifle in hand…

Paranoid Miniatures Shows The Painted Professor Model For The Priory

359 days ago 5

Soon Paranoid Miniatures will be putting their Lovecraftian miniatures game out onto Kickstarter. Until then, they’ve released some pictures of their painted Professor model of the Priory faction.

Paranoid Announce The Kickstarter Launch Date For Mythos

365 days ago 4

The Madness of Mythos is getting closer everyday, as Paranoid Miniatures announces the upcoming launch date for their long awaited Kickstarter. Mythos will launch on Saturday, April 16th, and the guys will be on hand at Salute to give you a first hand look at the exciting game and what it has to offer.

Anvil Industry Celebrates It’s 5th Year With Special Blacksmith Model

367 days ago 5

How better to celebrate an anniversary than by making a special miniature? Anvil Industry is celebrating their 5th year of business with their special miniature, the Blacksmith. Totally customizable, this fella embodies their logo as he forges a weapon on the anvil.