Salute 2013: Painting Competition

April 20, 2013 by brennon

Salute 2013 is always good for inducing shiny syndrome and you will feel it even more so when you see some of the entries into this years painting competition!

Bushido Close-Up

Elf Bust

Ork Psyker

Ork Bust

Tomb King of Khemri

We’ve seen a lot of the miniatures from today but above are some of those that managed to get towards the final winning stages. See what you think.

Scots Guard

Demon Barber

Goblin Squig Hoppers

Alien Bust

Fantasy Warrior


Witch Hunter

Alice in Wonderland


Chaos & Empire Heroes

FireForge Knights

Bearded General

Crusading Knight

As you can see you have a nice assortment of Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi right now and this is just the beginning of the day. As time goes by we’ll be getting more pictures of the awesome paint jobs and modelling that appears at Salute.

What’s your favourite so far?

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