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Salute 2014 The Ultimate Tour Part 3

Salute 2014 The Ultimate Tour Part 3

995 days ago 17

Finally we can bring you the 3rd and last part of this years Salute 2014 Coverage, it’s been a while arriving but it’s definitely worth it.


Salute 2014 The Ultimate Tour Part 2

1187 days ago 34

It’s time for the second part of our Ultimate Tour of Salute 2014. So far you’ve seen some epic tables and awesome miniatures but we’ve got plenty more!

Salute 2014 The Ultimate Tour Part 1

Salute 2014 The Ultimate Tour Part 1

1191 days ago 38

Salute 2014 was an absolutely epic show, both the largest and most attended in its history. Join us as we explore the fantastic gaming tables and demo games that were available to attendees, in this Ultimate Virtual Tour of Salute 2014!

The Weekender: The Return From Salute!

The Weekender: The Return From Salute!

1191 days ago 46

We’re back from Salute and have a
mountain of things to chat about!
John has popped by this week to
show off his Kshatriya! We’ll also
be announcing the winner of our
BoW Goodie Bag from the
competition we ran last week
at the event!

VLOG: Salute 2014 Setup - Behind The Scenes

VLOG: Salute 2014 Setup – Behind The Scenes

1195 days ago 27

Take a look behind the scenes at the setup of this years Salute event in London.

Salute 2014: Sensational Gaming Tables! [Updated]

1198 days ago 20

UPDATE: Moving on with our look at the great gaming tables here at Salute. Previously, we mostly got a look at some of the historical games. Now we take a look at some of the fantasy and sci-fi settings, starting with the excellent Dropzone Commander board.

Salute 2014: Painting Competition! [Updated!]

1198 days ago 10

It’s time to get a little green with envy and see what the painting competition has to offer. Do you have a favourite from what you’ve seen so far? [Updated!]

Salute 2014: Vendors & Miniatures! [Updated!]

1198 days ago 13

Let’s get started with a look at who is here at Salute 2014! There will be loads more to see so keep checking back throughout the day! [Updated!]

What’s Going On at the Salute Set Up?

1199 days ago 9

Well, we made it. We’re safely here at the place that all gamers dream of going to. No, not the pub. I am of course talking about Salute 2014. At the moment things are still setting up and we snatched a few pics to give you all a sneak peak of what to expect.

Gather Round for the Epic Saga of Our Journey to Salute!

1199 days ago 10

We have safely arrived at Salute and have begun to set up our stands here. While Warren and Justin argue about where tables should go, I thought I would take five minutes to sing you the epic saga of our journey to the Holy Grail of Gaming; Salute 2014!