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A Big Video Teaser From Scale 75

3 days ago 2

Scale 75 is hinting at a new release and we’re thinking that it has something to do with WWII.

Check Out Smog Riders’ Bumbling Fat Bob Mecha

59 days ago 2

If you’re looking for a fun project to work on and you’re interested in Steampunk then see what you make of Scale75′s “Fat Bob” Mecha which gives you plenty of reasons to check out new techniques.

Fallen Frontier’s Starter Set Coming September 15th 2016!

118 days ago 28

The time has finally come! The Fallen Frontier Starter Set, The Battle For Hextrom VI, is now available for pre-order from Scale75.

Scale75 Roll Over Their Enemies With The Steampunkzer!

151 days ago 7

If you thought the Smog Riders range from Scale75 was just about characters then wait until you see the Steampunkzer they just released onto their webstore!

Heads Up Scale 75 Shows Off Some New Releases

152 days ago 3

Scale 75 has some really nice options for detailing your 1/35 scale miniatures and some paints to complete your project.

Meet Scale75′s Father Of Asgard & His Mighty Hammer

215 days ago 6

Standing at 75mm in scale this new model from Scale75 is a rather impressive piece. Meet The Father Of Asgard…

Take On The Bardic Last Chance Character From Scale75

241 days ago 3

Scale75 have added another character to their Fantasy line-up with The Last Chance. This chap is a Bard who looks like was enjoying a drink at the local tavern before quite the ruckus broke out!

Weekender XLBS: Enhancing Your Gaming & Tweaking The Rules

Weekender XLBS: Enhancing Your Gaming & Tweaking The Rules

323 days ago 139

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we’re discussing
some more of the news
from this week and looking
at how you might both
enhance your games
AND your gaming

New Quirky Characters Join The Scale75 Smog Riders Crew

327 days ago 4

Some new characters have joined the cast of characters from Scale75′s Smog Rider collection. Both of them are very different in appearance but have drawn on similar technology in order to make their points!

Scale 75 Offers A New Starter Set For Smog Riders

368 days ago 9

Scale 75′s Smog Riders Miniatures line has a new starter set, that was now available.

Tentacles & A Temptress From Scale75 In Smog Riders

429 days ago 3

First off – don’t let the title put you off as this post is entirely innocent! Scale75 have added two more Smog Riders to their line-up with both Reiko Takeda and Hans P. Kruger showing up to take their place in an odd steampunk world…

Strongmen & Soldiers Pop Up In Scale75′s Smog Riders

459 days ago 6

Scale75 have added two more models to their Smog Riders collection. The character this time include the strongman known as Boris Doroshenko and the deadly Magda Von Shrapnel…

Get Both Creepy & Cute With New Smog Riders By Scale75

497 days ago 1

Scale75 continue to expand upon their chibi-style miniatures for Smog Riders with two rather different sculpts. The first of these is the creepy Clawfinger Jack who is matched up against Mirabella Miller who is much cuter by comparison.

Go Raiding & Scouting With New 35mm Scale75 Heroes

500 days ago 2

Scale75 have added two new models to their 35mm scale Wargames Fantasy Series. The new models are Thenidiel, an Elven Ranger and oddly enough a Historical model in the form of Ragnar The Viking…

Scale75 Head To The High Seas With New Smog Riders

521 days ago 2

Scale75 have added two more Smog Riders to their range for painters and collectors. With a distinct chibi-style they are a great little project for hobbyists looking to try their hand at some cartoon-like paint jobs full of vibrant colours…