Scale75 Show Off Dwarves, Gladiators & Kind Soldiers

February 17, 2014 by brennon

Scale75 have a few awesome larger scale miniatures up on their webstore that aren’t just from their Fundraiser for Sarah Kilmister. See what you think of Khalgrim Gunnarson, Gannicus and Rescue From Hell



First up we have the aforementioned Khalgrim Gunnarson who comes with a pair of heads, one with helmet and one without. Both are awesome models and show the warrior probably relaxing in a sour mood after a battle. I love the facial details they have on this chap and being a bit of a lover of the bearded short folk it’s hard to not like him. If someone wants to buy and paint one for me I’d be much obliged!


If any of you have watched the series Spartacus from Starz then you’ll know the Gladiator Gannicus. He was of course also a historical figure who fought along Spartacus during the rebellion and was one of his trusted generals. The model above appears to draw on Dustin Clare’s portrayal of him from the Starz series and is triumphant in victory.

Rescue from Hell

Last but not least we have Rescue from Hell which shows a distraught and tired soldier with what I assume is a Vietnamese child on his shoulders. I like miniatures like this that can tell a story without the need for masses of background or explanation. In my mind they have just fought a bloody skirmish in a village somewhere and during all the fighting the soldier dived in to save the child who is now waving to his parents or someone else to show he’s alright.

Some quite awesome miniatures out there from these chaps.

Which do you like best?