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Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part One

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part One

22 days ago 47

We’ve broken in to the BoW vaults and
brought out the last video we filmed
with our buddy James M. Hewitt. It’s
time for a Deadzone Battle Report.

VLOG: Building The Warzone: Resurrection Gaming Table

VLOG: Building The Warzone: Resurrection Gaming Table

24 days ago 24

It’s midweek VLog time here at Riverside Studio!
This week the guys are gearing up for a
session of filming with the folks from
Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection
and that means we need a gaming table.

Hawk Wargames And AdeptiCon Bring Some Awesome Swag!

49 days ago 4

Adepticon and Hawk Wargames have teamed up to give those who are attending a really nice treat.

Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!

55 days ago 3

Mantic’s Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

Golden Vance on the Horizon for Relic Knights

66 days ago 7

Relic Knights is becoming a very popular game and they continue with their releases. See what they have upcoming for May.

4Ground Jesserai Transportation System

4Ground Paves the Way for the Jesserai Transportation System

67 days ago 8
Weekender XLBS: Wrath Of Kings First Look & a Furious Boot Camp?

Weekender XLBS: Wrath Of Kings First Look & a Furious Boot Camp?

69 days ago 144

Happy Sunday! This morning
we’re taking a look at one of
the massive projects to come
out of CoolMiniOrNot and
that’s Wrath of Kings! We’ll
be discussing the different
factions and a few of us
might be calling dibs on
a faction or two!

    Guards of Atlantis Surfaces on Kickstarter from Woiff Designa

    78 days ago 4

    Wolff Designa has gone to Kickstarter for their game Guards of Atlantis.

    Bombshell Miniatures’ New Bubblegum Chewing Sniper

    84 days ago 16

    Check out one of Bombshell Miniatures new releases’ for January.

    Soda Pop Shows off January Releases for Relic Knights

    87 days ago 14

    Soda Pop Miniatures announces their January releases for Relic Knights that include a whole bunch of neat new models for a variety of factions.

    The Year In Review for Games Workshop

    89 days ago 24

    Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for their Citadel Annual 2014. A beautiful book any gamer would like to own.

    Warlord Releases Scenarios for Beyond the Gates of Antares

    99 days ago 4

    Warlord Games brings us more exciting material for Beyond the Gates of Antares!

    Temporum Oblitus Now Recruiting.

    113 days ago 1

    Pigmi Games has relaunched their game Temporum Oblitus (time forgotten) on Kickstarter. Take a look at what they have to offer.

    Scum and Villainy Get A New Ship for X-Wing.

    114 days ago 4

    Fantasy Flight Games has another new ship for their new faction Scum and Villainy. You can bring this ship and customize it for your next battle.

    Command Your Own Fleet In Star Wars Armada.

    117 days ago 11

    Fantasy Flight Games gives us another peek into their upcoming game Star Wars Armada. We have played a demo of this game and it looks to be a smash hit.