An alternate Sci-Fi… Cobalt-1 SF

March 8, 2011 by beerogre

If you’re as old as me, you might remember the miniatures from Cobalt-1 SF the first time around. When they were  initially launched, they were revolutionary, with a distinctive style that was reminiscent of the first anime cartoons and Japanese animation that was creeping its way onto kids TV, but which now seems to be everywhere you look.

Well… good news! Black Hat Miniatures has revamped the range and is now stocking those lovely sculpts for the delectation of collectors and gamers alike.

The latest in the line is this Jet Bike.

However, there are other factions that have piqued my imagination… like the Mercenaries

The Ar Men

And the Abhor

These might look a bit rough, but it’s a pity there are no painted examples on the Black Hat site as I’ve seen some very good examples of these painted in block colours like the cartoon style they emulate.

What do you think guys? What kind of sci-fi game would you use these for?

… I’d go for Traveller!

BoW Andy

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