American Legion Warrior Mech

September 9, 2011 by lloyd

Antenocitis Workshop are expanding their range not only by developing products in-house but also by buying the rights to some too.

Check out the American Legion Warrior Mech which they have secured the rights too.

American Legion Warrior Mech

At the moment it’s still a WIP and these are the preview 3D’s but it looks cool and if it turns out anything like this it will be amazing.

The model will be 28mm and be part of the G.O.T. range with a high-detail multi-part resin and metal kit.

American Legion Warrior Mech

According to Antenocitis Workshop they are still finalising the size of the model with the estimate being between 80mm to 100mm tall.

Also they hope the model will be very dynamic with lots of possible poses using metal pistons and movable parts. In fact they even have a video that can give you an idea on how the parts could be moved.

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