Antenocitis Drops in With Their Upcoming Drop Ship

June 5, 2013 by dracs

Drop ships allow you to swiftly bring in troops wherever you need them and soon your minis will fly in just a bit more style with Antenocitis upcoming Grendal Drop Ship!

Antenocitis - GRENDAL

The Grendal, which I believe has been named for a monster feared by even the mightiest Saxon warriors, is a heavily armoured drop ship capable of bringing in your troops to where they are needed.

This artwork suggests a style of miniature which would not look out of place in 40k, although its sleeker design might make it more fitted for games such as MERCS or Infinity. The art is promising a lot of detail and a nice design which could prove a good alternative flyer (depending on what scale the mini actually is).

Fancy flying out with Antenocitis?