It’ll Take More Than an Apple to Keep Spellcrow’s Doc Away

June 9, 2013 by dracs

Those orcs may not be the most technologically advanced of armies, but they do have a great medical plan. After all, who wouldn’t trust a doctor who looks like this:

Orc Doctor

This guy has just graduated from the well known medical school of Spellcrow. In terms of the sculpt I was going to say it looks a little static and unbalanced, but then when you have one arm which is a claw that size you can’t be too mobile, plus orc doctors are always rather unbalanced.

Still, it has some awesome detail to it. I particularly like the somewhat bodged and vicious way the claw has been attached to the good doctor. It really does look like it was painfully grafted on as opposed to looking just like a big glove he’s wearing.

Spellcrow also have two new head sets for your orcs, one of which shows off the doc’s fine work.

Bulky Orcs Heads

Bulky Orc Cyber Heads

Fancy submitting your army to the tender ministrations of Spellcrow’s doctor?