The Beautiful Goddess of Wisdom Steps Out of Agora

April 2, 2013 by dracs

Agora have released the latest member of their sci-fi Greek pantheon, the beautiful Athena, who is definitely not suitable for work.

Athena Censored

As you can see, Agora’s Athena is excellently sculpted, striking a heroic pose and bearing  the weaponry of a sci-fi hoplite. Well, most of it anyway, she’s rather lacking in the armour department.

Now here we have a problem which is all too common in gaming. When does nudity just become gratuitous? On the one hand it is an excellent sculpt, but if she is a warrior why isn’t she wearing armour? Then again a lot of the classic Greek depictions that these minis draw inspiration from are nude.

What are your thoughts on this mini?

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