BoW Alert! Where Have All the Forums Gone?

September 21, 2012 by dracs

Hey guys, Sam here to give you all a bit of a status update on how things are here on the good ship Beasts of War.

As some of you may have noticed, the site went down for a moment or two yesterday, before resurfacing once more like the hardy ol’ website she be.

Unfortunately, something seems to have happened to our forums, namely the forum and topic titles are visible, but upon opening them up you find that they are mysteriously empty. Be assured that we are on top of this and are currently working to get everything up and running once more. By which I mean we are whipping Lloyd and Justin to get them to work faster. Don’t worry, I think they rather like it.

Thanks to everyone who has messaged us to let us know and be sure to keep checking back. We should have things ship shape in no time.

Update: While I was sitting writing this post we managed to get the forums back! Hooray! Go forth and converse, ye fans of Beasts of War!

Meanwhile let me just answer a couple of the questions we’ve received regarding  the incident:

Hey, do you guys know something’s up with your forums?

Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

Have you guys been hacked?

No, but be assured that all hackers would be fed to Darrell.

Is this part of a conspiracy to stop you guys showing off sketches of the new minis?

Definitely not. Wow, I thought I was paranoid.

When can we expect the forums to be working again?

Now! They are back up and running. Unfortunately we have lost two topics, “What is Darrell Doing” and, ironically, “Unable to View Forum Posts”. We apologize to anyone who was participating in these forums.

If you ever spot a problem on Beasts of War, be sure to tell us about it in the Technical Support forum, or, if this is unavailable, message us via Facebook.

Thanks for bearing with us as we sorted this out.

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