Burn in Design’s Energy Barricades Upgrade Your Defences

April 25, 2013 by dracs

Getting behind walls and barriers to avoid gunfire is all well and good, but it is hardly very high tech. What you need is an Energy Barricade, like the one now available from Burn in Designs.

Burn in Designs - Energy Barricades

Fancy attacking an Aleph complex? You will have to get past these first. Want to face the Tau? Well have fun shooting them when they are hidden by walls of energy.

Burn in Designs - Energy Barricades 2

The other cool thing about energy barricades is that they are see through, so you can just sit there and taunt the enemy as they fail to shoot you.

These are actually pretty cool terrain pieces, which could make for some nice line of sight breakers in loads of sci-fi games. Whether or not you think they should have special rules of course is up to you.

What game would you use these in? Are there any particular rules you might put into play?