Full Steam Ahead for Micro Art Studio

February 22, 2011 by beerogre

This one slipped under my radar and I’m pretty annoyed about it because I want all of them!

Micro Arts Studio has just updated this range of steampunk miniatures and pretty impressive they are too.

It looks like my Iron Kingdoms RPG just got a few new characters!

I particularly like the Mary Fearlessminiature, but they all have that steampunk charm that’s got me fully in the grip of Shiny Syndrome*…

Do any of you go in for steampunk miniatures, or play any steampunk games?

There are a number of RPGs on the market that cater to the genre. Does anyone know of any good ones?

BoW Andy

*Shiny Syndrome – a mental condition brought on by the proximity, or image, of a toy soldier that elicits an uncontrollable response in the individual, where they must acquire the object at all costs. Typically identified by the individual muttering “shiny” under their breath.