Ganesha Games takes on all comers!

January 30, 2011 by beerogre

Following in the theme of finding some great games for our veiwers, I think it’s about time I mention my favourite game systems…

Songs of Blades and Heroes

This little system by Ganesha Games is nothing short of fanatastic… and I’m not just gushing… the system is simple to pick up and uses any miniatures you like.

Songs of Blades and Heroes and its suppliment, the dungeon-busting Songs of Gold & Darkness, are fantasy themed and include rules for all your favourite fantasy races, including Kobolds, for those of us who have a strange affection for yippy little dog-monsters that eat adventurers!

But that’s not all… there are the horror skirmish rules… Fear & Faith!

And a smashing suppliment, Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters, that features a lighter take on the horror genre. Where teenage vampire hunters and gangs of teens investigate mysteries with a talking dog!

Not to mention of course that this little suppliment was written by one of our very own BoW creative team… ME!

But we’re still not finished!

Ganesha Games also produces a modern day skirmish set… Flying Lead!

Or there’s a Post-Apocalyptic game… Mutants and Death Ray Guns!

Did I mention that these games are criminally cheap?

The PDF download of the games cost a pathetic few dollars, or you can really treat yourself and get a hard-copy of your game of choice!

We’ll be featuring a few of these games in some of our upcomming videos, so why not get in early and grab a copy to follow along with us.

You can get hold of the books direct from Ganesha Games… the best option in my opinion.

Alternatively, you can try Wargames Vault, where the books can be downloaded, along with a huge variety of other stuff.

So, come on guys… take a chance on something new and help support the  industry… you won’t be dissapointed!

Still not sold… why I oughta!

How about a free sample, just to whet the appetite?

So what do you think guys. Is this a contender? Why not dig out those old miniatures, that would otherwise never see the light of day and give them a whirl with this!

BoW Andy

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