Ghastly Golghota Joins the Kickstarter for Warzone Resurrection

March 28, 2013 by dracs

The world of Mutant Chronicles is inhabited by all manner of strange and disturbing denizens and few embody this more than the latest add-on option for the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter. Meet the ghastly, gorgeous Golghota.


This figure seems to strike a good balance between seductive beauty and arachnid horror, going together to make a rather disturbing miniature. It’s hard to tell whether she is wearing that chitinous armour or if it is part of her skin.

The pose is OK, but I really do like the way she is framed by those reaching spider legs. They really make the miniature appear as truly menacing.

Are any of you suffering from arachnophobia? Well head to the kickstarter anyway and face your fears.