Pick Up the Pieces of Victoria Miniatures’ Penal Guard

June 14, 2013 by dracs

Sending in the criminals of society to act as expendable front line troops is a long standing tradition in warfare and Victoria Miniatures are providing you with various bits and pieces you need to piece together your own such penal legion.

Penal Guard Heads

Penal Guard Torsos

Penal Guard Weapons

These bits of Victoria miniatures’ Penal Guard are now available separately in resin. Incorporated with a unit, these pieces will help give your models the character of a punishment unit. This is particularly true of the torsos, whose heavy collars and lengths of chain match in well with our perceived image of the harsh conditions  of future criminal treatment.

But wait a tick…

Riddick Head

Is that Riddick?

Would you use these to make your Dirty Dozen?