What Could Puppets War Be Building?

November 15, 2012 by dracs

Puppets War have published some pictures of the new sci-fi vehicle which they are currently working on.

Puppets War - Armoured Vehicle Base

Puppets War - Armoured Vehicle Base 2

Puppets War - Armoured Vehicle Tracks

Now as yet I am unsure whether or not Puppets War are working on a whole vehicle or are just providing alternative tracks for Land Raider type tanks, but I am inclined to think that we’ll be seeing a complete tank rumbling out of Puppets War.

As for the bit of track we have been shown already, I love the exposed gear at the back. Depending on the paint job and maybe some conversion work this might make a good steampunk tank. I don’t know why, but the exposed gearing makes me think that this would be perfect for a Chaos type force. Maybe the Dark Mechanicum like to show off their achievements?

What direction do you think Puppets War will take the design of this?