Puppets War Prepare to Take to the Skies

October 17, 2012 by dracs

Puppets War continue to tease us with more WIP images of their upcoming sci-fi flyer.

Puppets War - Flyer WIP

Puppets War - WIP Flyer

As you can see this miniature is progressing well and will soon be ready to go swooping over the battlefields, either delivering troops or raking the enemy with whithering fire power.

Of course, if you prefer to keep your feet on the land (albeit robotic steel feet) than you always have the option of Puppets War’s latest walker arm option.

Puppets War - Praetorian Auto Canon

This auto canon arm option is sculpted with a praetorian style shoulder, meaning you can customise your walker to fit in with your troops sporting Puppets War’s Praetorian Shoulder Pads.

While by many accounts dreadnoughts may have taken something of a beating in 6th edition this arm option will nonetheless provide you with just that bit more long range fire power. As we all know more shooting is never a bad thing. Unless your on the other side.

How do you think the flyer is shaping up? Would you use this arm option?