The Soul Weaver Joins the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

June 18, 2013 by dracs

Joining the Kickstarter additions which we saw yesterday is another hero from Raging Heroes. She is named Tarja, Yaga Soul Weaver.

Tarja Yaga Soul-Weaver

Tarja is the second Yaga Soul Weaver that we are unveiling though this Kickstarter. The Yaga Soul Weaver channel the forces of ancient spirits through their cyber-enhanced shamanism.

On the battlefield the Yaga Soul Weavers generally work as a team, each of them serving as a relay and an amplifier of the shamanic forces. – Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter

This design is one of the most graceful concepts we have seen Raging Heroes produce for this Kickstarter. The stance makes her look like she is defying physics in some way and I love the details of the small connecting tubes and wires. While we are used to seeing psyker types either racked with pain or screaming in anger, Tarja looks practically blissed out on her powers, which makes for a very welcome change to the status quo.

How many of you have donated to this Kickstarter?