Time for some more MERCS love?

March 5, 2011 by lloyd

The first time I saw anything about this game, Adam was chatting to a guy called Keith at Gen Con 2010, who turned out to be the artist who created the illustrations for the entire MERCS game… and I think he’s doing a fantastic job. I might be wrong, but I think he’s one of two main partners that created MERCS Miniatures?

MERCS Rule Book

One should never underestimate the power of striking visuals to go with a new gaming system. Even though we know we shouldn’t, in the world of tabletop gaming we’re generally suckers for judging a book by its cover… well, I know I am, but that’s only natural, as we are engrossed in a hobby based upon the need for pretty looking miniatures.

Luckily for us MERCS delivers big time!

With a wealth of good-looking minis to go with their excellent rulebook and stat cards. In fact… Let’s just take some time to look at the factions and I guarantee you will struggle to convince yourself that you don’t need these.

MERCS CCC Yellow Jackets


Does anyone else think that these would work well alongside some Infinity minis? Here’s a link to their scale guide: http://www.mercsminis.com/Scale.php


Now I haven’t yet had the chance to play the game, so my fascination with it is based solely on its looks… well almost.

Something makes me want to give this game a shot.

I think it’s that the game dynamics are heavily based on a card system and not in the same way as say Malifaux.

Oh no! In MERCS you use cards to measure movement and where you can fire…that…and the cards just look damn cool with notches cut in them that slide around a mini’s base!

In fact the MERCS site says “You and your friend literally need only one card and one miniature to play MERCS!” how cool is that?

Ah wait… I think you probably need a big hardbacked rulebook too after all… it wouldn’t be a proper tabletop game without a book you can KO your mate with when they beat you!

MERCS Game Decks

Anyway guys this is game I’m going to keep an eye on and I want to know what you think about it.

Have we got any players here on Beasts of War and if so, maybe it’s time to get a MERCS group up and running?

BoW Lloyd

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