Warzone Resurrection Gets a Behemoth of a Stretch Goal

March 28, 2013 by dracs

The Kickstarter for the Mutant Chronicles miniatures game Warzone Resurrection  is working for their 90k stretch goal. Such a massive goal deserves a massive aim and Warzone Resurrection is definitely providing that.

Warzone Resurrection 90k Stretch Goal

This rather angry chap is the mighty Praetorian Behemoth who should soon be joining the menacing Dark Legion.

As of me writing this, the kickstarter is only £1,500 away from making him a reality and I hope that we can expect to see some sculpts for this brutish figure in the near future.

Of course, the Dark Legion are getting far more than this to make you wet yourselves in fear. Beware their menacing Black Widow heavy vehicle.

Black Widow

This model should be appearing in August and will be approximately 5 inches in length!

I think it is safe to say the Dark Legion are looking scary. What do you guys think of them?