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Cast & Craft Ancient Runes With Scibor’s Dwarf Wizard

7 days ago 4

Carved from the very stone that they inhabit it looks like we’ve got another neat Dwarf character coming out from Scibor.

Scibor Set Off In A Fabulous Dwarven Flying Machine

30 days ago 2

Scibor has been getting ready for a wonderful flying trip aboard their new Dwarf Flying Machine. This is still a work in progress piece but it’s looking rather snazzy.

Call Scibor’s Goblin Ambulance To Your Next Fantasy Football Match

37 days ago 1

Scibor has added another awesome piece to their collection for Fantasy Football players to enjoy. Here we have the Goblin Ambulance!

Scibor Show Off A Workbench Of Dwarves & Goblins

41 days ago 5

Scibor has once again shown off what’s hanging around on their sculpting and painting desk right now. The focus is still on plenty of Goblins and Dwarves it seems to help bolster those armies of yours.

Bear Canons And Dog-Drawn Draft Carts Get Sculpted By Scibor

65 days ago 5

Scibor have unveiled a pair of new greens they are working on, each one featuring a fantasy mount with a bit of a twist.

Three New Vikings Raid The Scibor Store

72 days ago 4

Scibor Monstrous have released three new models of great heroes straight from the Viking Age.

It’s Hammer Time With Scibor’s Upcoming Hero

87 days ago 1

Bringing to mind the mighty Valten from the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, Scibor has shown off a work-in-progress character with a pair of hefty looking hammers.

Scibor’s Seth Fights Like A Sci-Fi Egyptian

103 days ago 7

Scibor have released a new hero to lead their SciFi Egyptian warriors; a sickle sword wielding giant named Seth!

Scibor Reveal A Mohawk Sporting Dwarf Hero

145 days ago 3

Scibor have another dwarf hero on the work bench. This time the hero has abandoned his race’s love of heavy armour and is trusting in his mighty mohawk instead.

Three New Dwarfs Take Their Horny Hats To Scibor

157 days ago 6

Scibor Monstrous are working on three new evil dwarf models, each sporting a hat bigger and hornier than the last.

There Ain’t No Flies On Scibor’s Latest Greens

170 days ago 2

Scibor are working on a few new bits and pieces and have just shown off the latest greens from their work bench.

Scibor Monstrous Release A Hero Of The Polish WWII Resistance

175 days ago 4

Scibor Monstrous have released a new sculpt for their range of Polish Historical Figures; the WWII resistance activist Tadeusz Zawadzki.

An Orc WIP Shouts Defiance On Scibor’s Workbench

228 days ago 2

Scibor Monstrous have another new WIP on the go, a mighty orc warlord bellowing his challenge.

A Roaring Centaur Chief Stomps Out Of Scibor

238 days ago 2

Scibor has added another monstrous warrior to their collection, leading a herd of beasts into battle. Take a look at the Centaur Chieftain…

A Goblin Lord Rides To War Thanks To Scibor

246 days ago 4

Scibor has shown off a rather awesome looking Goblin Lord riding into battle atop a big dog!