The Dwarves Return to a Fallen Empire with Scibor Miniatures

July 18, 2012 by brennon

I think Scibor Miniatures can read my mind, more Dwarves are on the way! Not only are we getting a bunch of terrain for you to fight over with your Dwarf Empire but also some new adventurers trudging back to their devastated holds looking for treasure and glory.

Dwarven Ruins Terrain

So here is the first lot for today. A selection of Dwarf Ruins Terrain for you to litter your board with. Great for any Fantasy game where you want a feeling of lost power and faded glory.

Dwarf Females Character Set

And then we have the Dwarf Female Set which you can buy as a bundle or indeed separately. You can check out the single miniatures with a bit more detail below…

Dwarf Hildegard

Dwarf Red Hood

Dwarf Ridda

Above (from top to bottom) is Hildegard, Red Hood, and Ridda. I quite like all of these models and they would be perfect companions for the male Dwarves in the Scibor range. Ridda especially would make a great queen of the Dwarven Holds. Oh and all this Dwarf goodness isn’t over yet. Guess what else is up in the Scibor store still…

Dwarf General

The Dwarf General is ready to direct the troops into battle! All this should be bringing you to only one conclusion, time to start a Dwarf army!

What do you make of the latest bearded (and not so bearded) offerings from Scibor?