New Dwarves Go Treasure Hunting With Scibor

February 11, 2013 by brennon

Scibor Miniatures have some more Dwarves on the horizon and they have a distinct feeling of ‘Hobbit’ about them. See what you think of these upcoming Dwarf Treasure Hunters

Dwarf Treasure Hunters

See what I mean when I say they might have been somewhat inspired by another franchise out there? Regardless of that they are pretty fantastic looking miniatures and it doesn’t take much for me to enjoy a Dwarf model!

Scibor’s friends at UDock Creative Studio have also been busy with more conceptual artwork…

Dwarf Berserker

Dwarf Warrior Concept

I can’t wait to see how that Berserker turns out, even if it will begin life as a bust first. Here’s hoping we see some full scale sculptures and indeed miniatures of these fellows. Also if you fancy taking part in a competition UDock are looking to make one of you into a Fighting Priest!

Become A Fighting Priest

Competition! Become a Fighting Priest!

Send us your photo. Like our FB profile uDock. And we will paint your portrait as a Fighting Priest!

- Send a jpg file of your portrait by mail (take a picture in a similar setting as an example)
- We will draw one person who will become the Fighting Priest!
- You will get from us a portrait jpg 4920x6890px size. You can print it on canvas or paper and hang on the wall.
- Time to send your photos – 18 February 2013

Become a Fighting Priest!

Want to become immortalised in artwork?