A Heavily Armoured Dwarf and Half-Naked Ogre March from Scibor

March 16, 2015 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous have come out with a pair of new miniatures; a heavily armed and armoured dwarf named Gloin and a big, bearded Ogre Drummer.

First, let’s start with the Ogre.

Ogre Drummer

Now while I think this model is a great sculpt, posed in way that shows him extolling his fellow warriors to victory. However, there isn’t much to distinguish the model as an ogre, to my eye. True, the scale is larger, but all in all he just looks like a heavily built human. Still, it is very well sculpted and the attention to the ogre’s musculature is truly impressive.

After the ogre, we find the new dwarf, Gloin.


If I am entirely honest, I am not that fond of this model. The ornate detail of the armour is definitely impressive and the model would no doubt make a great alternative character sculpt. Yet the proportions look just too awkward and bulky. I can’t really see how he’d be able to move his legs.

Which of Scibor’s new minis do you prefer?

"The attention to the ogre's musculature is truly impressive."

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"I can't really see how he'd be able to move his legs."