Massive WiPs Burst Out of Scibor!

January 6, 2015 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous have come out with two more great greens, one of which is of truly explosive proportions.

Scibor WiP

This model presents us with a titanic struggle between a hammer wielding hero and a malformed monster bursting up through the very floor. I really hope we see this sculpt released as I would love to see how it looks painted and on display.

Alongside this massive cinematic piece, Scibor have come up with a new green for a 54mm sculpt.

54mm Green

This bearded adventurer, framed by his billowing overcoat would be a great witch hunter type miniature and serve well for a new painting project.

However, there are a few points about the sculpt that not so fond of, namely that the tilt of the head leaves him looking a bit confused while the collar is large enough to hang-glide with.

Do you like Scibor’s latest two models?

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