A New Ogre Raises the Banner for Scibor Monstrous

October 1, 2014 by dracs

Another of Scibor’s Ogre Cossacks has been released, this one bearing a banner for the big bellied beasts with obvious pride.

Ogre Cossack Banner

Painted Banner Ogre

Scibor have always done a good job in making their ogres look unique and almost realistic in style. This banner bearer is a perfect example of that, with a simple design yet with enough detail to make him a good painting challenge.

However, the style that sets Scibor’s ogres apart is actually what doesn’t endear me to them that much. To me, they just look a bit too human. Still, they make nice alternatives with which to form your own army of these massive monsters.

What is your opinion of Scibor’s take on ogres?

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