A Pair of Chaotic Creations Take Form at Scibor

January 13, 2015 by dracs

Two more WiPs have appeared on Scibor’s workbench, a pair of thoroughly chaotic looking warriors who are sure to spread as much evil and carnage as possible.

Chaos WiPs

The fellow on the left is a rather rotund mass of muscle, to the extent that at first I thought it might be a new one of Scibor’s ogres. Covered with spikes and horns and grotesquely proportioned, he is everything you would think a chaotic champion would be.

My particular favourite though is the warrior on the right.

Evil Warrior WiP

This warrior’s armour is so over the top I can’t help but like him. His heavy armour, complete with leering skull design, makes him the perfect evil character for a fantasy gaming session.

Which of these two models are you looking forward to seeing from Scibor?

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