Scibor Monstrous Release The Horned Beast!

February 12, 2015 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous have a new model on their webstore, a massive horned bulk of muscle and scar tissue known simply as Beast!

Beast Painted

It’s quite hard to know what to make of Beast. He will certainly struggle to find a Beauty, that’s for sure. As with a lot of Scibor’s humanoid monsters, the grotesque musculature and skin are well sculpted, but he looks ludicrously top heavy in these photos.


All in all, I think that Beast here will serve well as a monster in the middle of an evil army, his pitted armour and iconography letting him fit in well with most fantasy chaotic forces.

However, while I usually like dynamic stances this one goes overboard, making this top heavy creation look like it’s attempting ballet, so to my eye it is just a bit ridiculous while trying to be threatening.

Am I being a bit too critical of Scibor’s Beast? What do you like about this model?

"His pitted armour and iconography let him fit in well with most fantasy chaotic forces"

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