Kabuki’s Leona Lobo Grows into a Big Sister

May 15, 2014 by dracs

Sadly, we recently saw the passing of the brilliantly bizarre artist H. R. Giger. In memory of this creative mind, Kabuki put out a teaser for their upcoming Big Sister sculpt, a new version of their 21st Century Pin-Up Leona Lobo.

Leona Lobo Big Sister

Even this small glimpse promises us that Kabuki will be bringing out another fantastic display piece. However, you might notice that there have been some changes between this and its smaller scale compatriot.

Leona Lobo

Why Kabuki have decided to cover up the larger scale Big Sister version I can’t say, although I do think it helps to separate the two sculpts a bit. There is also more detail to the background she’s leaning against, which seems to further the Giger influence of the design.

Still, the model itself has a great sculpt, remaining very sexy and serving as a good homage to those 80s-90s sci-fi action movies we all love.

Which of these two versions do you think is better?