Kromlech Armour Up Some Orcs for Release

February 25, 2014 by dracs

We were recently teased by Kromlech with a picture of a new Armoured orc. Now we can get our hands on some of them as Kromlech release the new torso and arm options.

Armoured Orc Body 1

Armoured Orc Body 2

Armoured Orc Body 3

Armoured Orc Body 4

Armoured Orc Body 5

Armoured Orc Left Arms

Armoured Orc Right Arms

As you can see we already have a pretty nice variety of pieces, all of which are currently available from Kromlech via their eBay.

The cobbled together armour is very well detailed and undeniably orcy. These new torsos, kitted out in their bolted together pieces of rusted metal, would probably make the perfect alternative to help mark out your elite unit of greenskins.

What is your opinion? Are they worth picking up? Is there anything you would prefer to see done with orc minis?

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