Kromlech Gets Boarded By the Greenskin Pirates of Tomorrow

March 23, 2014 by dracs

A simple eye-patch is no longer enough for the true buccaneer. Now cyborg parts are all the rage, as demonstrated by the current Orc Cyborg Pirate heads that have boarded Kromlech.

Orc Cyber Pirates

Orc Cyber Pirates

Kromlech have struck an interesting balance of the comic and the menacing with these head options. The nose replacement and the snorkel like adaptations are particularly fun options.

Orcs always have something of a piratical bend to them, and whose to say some of them might not choose to emulate the golden age of piracy in the future? Though I do think that Kromlech should make a cyborg parrot to go with them. Maybe a goblin that’s been given wings.

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