MaxMini Muster the Green Alliance and Give You Bony Shoulders

March 13, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini have a new set of shoulder pads available on their online store, definitely the fashion accessory that every over the top 1980′s villain is looking for.

Skull Shoulder Pads

Subtle these shoulder pads ain’t. But then, when you are blasting away at the forces of good and trying to take over the universe, subtle isn’t exactly your main concern.

MaxMini have also been busy mustering the forces of their Green Alliance and have written up on their blog page about the creative process that has gone into them and what will be happening in the near future.

Green Alliance

I think that these Green Alliance minis promise to be some of MaxMini’s greatest to date. We hadn’t seen this vehicle before and it matches the Green Alliance style of rough and ready combatants with typical orcy technical aptitude.

How do you think the Green Alliance is looking? Are those shoulder pads the fashion accessory you’ve been after for your minis?

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