MaxMini Prepare the Heroes of the Green Alliance for War

October 8, 2014 by dracs

The Green Alliance Kickstarter is approaching it’s final days, yet still more awesome greenskins are appearing, such as the new hero concepts that MaxMini are showing off.

Green Alliance Hero

Green Alliance Hero Back

This as yet unnamed orc hero has to be one of the most typically orcy designs ever. He is using a missile warhead as a mace! This can only lead to good things. MaxMini have said that they are still working on the design at present, adding other salvaged equipment, such as a shoulder pad, to his ensemble.

For the other special character, MaxMini have come up with something even larger. So large, in fact, that you could say it is Leviathan.

Leviathan Suit

This was initially intended as a gargantuan variant of the exo-suit, and was scaled down for the current design. However, MaxMini liked the concept so much they decided to make it into a special character, something I think promises us a fantastic model that will tower over the troops it leads.

Do either of these two heroes tempt you to pledge to the Kickstarter?

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