MaxMini’s Green Alliance Gets Ready to Go Into Production

July 16, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini’s army of WWII American greenskins has been something we at BoW have been keeping a careful eye on and are excited by the announcement that the first unit is now ready, with MaxMini showing off their first production casts.

Green Allianc Production Casts

We got our hands on a couple of these sculpts recently and I have to say that they are among the best miniature troop sculpts I have seen. These first Green Alliance soldiers are a gang of the brilliantly characterful gobbos MaxMini have produced, each geared up with American WWII kit and sculpted in rather humorous poses that, even considering the wide range of comedic goblins out there, you can’t help but grin at.

MaxMini haven’t just been working on bringing together the Green Alliance though as it looks like they’re venturing into robotics too.

Wacky Robot

Described by MaxMini as a “tad wacky”, this robot is really well designed and could easily fit with both scifi and steampunk settings. Personally, with the addition of an exhaust pipe over one shoulder, I think that this be perfect for games such as Empire of the Dead.

Will you join the Green Alliance, or does this robot appeal to you more?

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