Micro Art Studios Give Their Wraithstone Bases a Thick Lip

March 13, 2014 by dracs

The wide range of bases available from Micro Art Studios has grown once again as they bring out a new set of Round Lipped Wraithstone bases.

Round Lipped Wraithstone Base

Round Lipped Wraithstone Bases

Round Lipped Wraithstone Bases

Micro Art do some of the best looking decorative bases out there and the addition of a rounded lip selection opens them up to different game systems.

However, these bases still suffer from a problem Micro Art’s bases often share: Their uneven nature makes them hard to base minis on. Granted these ones are more level than a lot of others, but the problem is still there, so it takes a bit more modelling to get your miniature in place properly.

Do you ever use sculpted bases or do you prefer to make your own?