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Meet New Faces With GF9′s Firefly Adventures Expansions Arriving Soon!


Two new Character Packs are coming to Gale Force Nine’s Firefly Adventures in May/June of this year.

European Championship & Grand Kotei Tickets Coming Soon For UKGE


Available on Sunday 28th January, the UK Games Expo will put live the tickets for Fantasy Flight Games’ European Championships and the Grand Kotei Event that will be taking place over the 1st – 3rd of June 2018.

Fantastic New Art Preview From Mad Robot Miniatures


What if you combined tech from past and present? Wonder no more as Mad Robot Miniatures shows off some wicked concept art for regimental releases from a feudal world.

Exclusive Infinity Sneak Peek! PanOceania Knights Hospitaller

Exclusive Infinity Sneak Peek! PanOceania Knights Hospitaller


Take a sneak peek at the upcoming Knights Hospitaller for Infinity coming in February!

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 17


Even more blue has popped up on the models now. And it’s time to take it to the tank!

Modiphius Take John Carter Of Mars Role-Playing Game To Kickstarter


Modiphius is on Kickstarter once more with another role-playing game, this time based in the world of John Carter Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

An Introduction To Aetherium With Anvil Eight Games

An Introduction To Aetherium With Anvil Eight Games


Dawn sits down with Brian and Chris from Anvil Eight Games to talk about their miniatures game Aetherium.

Wargame Exclusive’s New Exarch & Alternative Battlesuits Released


Wargame Exclusive have a few big releases for the start of the year but we’re going to focus in on a new character and some alternatives for those of you who like playing T’au on the battlefield.

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 16


With my priming all done, and my new artillery crew and tank commander ordered I can finally move on to adding some colour!

Legacies Release Date For Star Wars: Destiny Announced


Fantasy Flight Games announced that the release date proper for Star Wars: Destiny and Legacies has been set for February 1st.

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 15


You know, usually by “Part 15″ I am nearing the end of a project. Anyway! Moving on!

The Game & World In Forge Of Destiny

Forge Of Destiny Game & World


Welcome to an exciting interview with Pavlov of
New Destiny Games to talk about the interesting
and weird world of Forge of Destiny.

Fancy Heading To GameMat.Eu’s Prague Open 2018 For Some 40K?


GameMat.Eu is going to be hosting the Prague Open 2018 between 17th – 18th March 2018.

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 14


Today I show you the cannons that just arrived and have a little talk about the conversion process for the models.

Adeptus Custodes Bring The Emperor’s Might To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop revealed this weekend that the Adeptus Custodes are coming to Warhammer 40,000 with a proper Codex packed with more choices for your army.

Puppets War Send New Troopers Soaring


Puppets War have previewed their new troopers, showing off their capacity for magnatised equipment.

Forge World Release The Howling Space Wolves Praetor


Forge World has now released the first of their big new Space Wolves releases with the Legion Praetor taking to the front lines as a leader for your Heresy Era army.

HiTech’s Fear Factory General Assembles Your Nightmares


It seems in the future even our fears will be mass produced as HiTech have revealed a new character model they are working on; the Fear Factory General.

Chronicle X Win Area 51 Pledge

Comment To Win Area 51 Pledges For Archon Studio’s Chronicle X!


You could win One of Two Area 51 Pledges
from the Chronicle X Kickstarter which has
entered its last two days of funding!

Kromlech Praise The Cog Father With Tabletop Scenics’ Industrial Sector


Kromlech have revealed that a new selection of Tabletop Scenics’ terrain is going to appear in their webstore; the Mechanicum Industrial Sector.