Puppets War’s Doom Jetbike Will Give You Nightmares

October 12, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have released the first model in their upcoming Nightmares faction, the vicious and horrific Doom Jetbike.

Doom Jetbike

Doom Jetbike

Doom Jetbike

This Doom Jetbike looks like a terrifying amalgamation of flesh and machine, melding to make a truly monstrous machine. They have a particularly creepy feel to them when the driver is taken into account, whose faceless mask is just disturbing.

If this truly is the first of a new range to appear, then I think it is off to a promising start. So often the evil armies of the future are just depicted as slavering horrors, and while there is an element of that to this mini, it has something far more insidious to it as well.

Do you like the design of Puppets War’s Doom Jetbike?

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