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Delve In A New Dungeon With Secret Weapon’s Tablescape Kickstarter


Delve deep into Secret Weapon’s new Tablescape Dungeon Mines in search of treasure and more!

Secret Weapon Announces Tablescapes: Dungeon Mines Kickstarter


If you were ever considering exploring dungeon mines in your adventuring, then you need to keep your eye out for the latest KS from Secret Weapon, Reaper and Dark Art Miniatures. July 25th will be the launch date for their new Tablescapes Duneons: Mines!

Secret Weapon Shows Off New Scatter Pieces For Their Malice Terrain


If you’re looking for some great little extra terrain bits for your games, the new pieces from Secret Weapon Miniatures may be just what you need. They’ve just launched a new collection of scatter terrain, their Malice RPG accessories for the Tombs of the Dark Sun.

Secret Weapon Miniatures Announces New Acrylic Scenery


Secret Weapon Miniatures has announced via their Facebook page a collaboration with Massive Voodoo to bring us a new scenery option.

New Sandbag Wall Sets & 32mm Bases From Secret Weapon Miniatures


Secret Weapon Miniatures has a great new variety of 32mm bases available to suit all tastes. They also have a clever little set of sandbag walls, ready to fortify your perimeter!

Mantic Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures Reach Agreement


Mantic Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures have reached an agreement that will excite UK and European gamers.

New 50mm Bases From Secret Weapon Miniatures


50mm scale minis are getting some new base options from Secret Weapon Miniatures next week. The Knight Bases offer some really cool new choices for gamers and hobbiests to dress up there minis.

Unboxing: 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle


John and Justin get to grips with the 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle Complete Kit from Secret Weapon Miniatures, or as they like to call it ‘The RAV’.

It’s All About the Base in December From Secret Weapon


For Secret Weapon Miniatures, it’s all about the base! They released a new line of 80mm bases covering a nice spectrum from town and lava to death an destruction.

New Tombs of the Dark Sun Terrain From Secret Weapon


Monday brings some great new Egyptian terrain from Secret Weapon Miniatures. This release will offer 4 new sets for their Malice- Tombs of the Dark Sun line.